Shaikh Amin's Encounters with Aramcons: A Photo Series - Photo 3

Pictured here standing from left is Jawad Raja, Zahid Raja, Summer Raja, and our long-time family friend, Shaikh Amin. Sitting from left is Mrs. G.A. Raja, Mamoon Raja, and Sahar Raja.

Shaikh Amin, retired chief photographer of Aramco, is currently on his yearly tour of the USA to attend the annual Photographic Society of America conference and spend time with his family. In this photo, the family of the late Raja Ghulam Ali Khan poses with him.

The son of the late Raja Ghulam Ali Khan, Zahid Raja, of Houston, TX, writes:

My father joined Aramco in 1950 and retired in June 1985. He decided to settle down in Lahore, Pakistan. He worked in the Personnel Department.

I am the third sibling married to Sahar who is also the daughter of ex-Aramcon, the late Abdul Rashid, who joined Aramco in 1956 and retired in 1992 and also settled in Lahore. He worked in the Medical Department at the main office in Dhahran.

I have 3 children - eldest son, Jawad Raja, who attends Wharton Community College in Wharton, TX; daughter, Summer Raja, in 10th grade attending Travis High School in Richmond, TX; and youngest son, Mamoon Raja, in 3rd grade attending Brazos Elementary School.

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