Play Pro NFL Football on the Strat-O-Matic game board.

Meet other NFL aficionados and pit your coaching skills against theirs using true player / team statistics from the previous NFL season. See if you have what it takes to go all the way to the Super Bowl and win. Depending on the team you choose, you may have the opportunity to call a run play for a running such as Barry Sanders, or have Steve Young throw a long pass to Jerry Rice. But beware, your opponents’ defense awaits you and hopes to knock the ball from the Sanders grasp and cause a fumble, or better yet, intercept Young’s long pass in the end zone and then run it 103 yards for a touchdown. You are the coach and you can call the plays! New members are welcomed, so come join us today!

Program: Regular Season: 10 to 16 coaching staffs play against each others’ selected teams, and one of the teams will win the Super Bowl following a playoff.

Simulated Sports

Bowl Game Tournaments: 4 to 8 per year played in Bahrain and Las Vegas. Tournament games are played with all-star players from 1955 to the present, such as O.J. Simpson, Gale Sayers, Jim Brown, Johnny Unitus, Joe Namath, etc.

Operating Hours:

  1. Regular Season: October to March; 14 regular season games plus playoffs
  2. Bowl Game Tournaments: Throughout the year

The club does not hold regular board meetings, but rather call special meetings when sufficient business is ready for discussion. Or, the club may call for an "emergency" meeting when a particular important topic needs to be addressed immediately. The club usually meets in a member’s house.

Eligible Members: 11+ Saudi Aramco adult members who are familiar with American National Football rules and regulations.

2002 Contact: Greg Stark, President, 873-2995

Mailing Address: Box 11669, Dhahran

Location: Contact President for meetings