With advice and input from several retired Aramcons, a web site was launched on November 1, 2002, to provide timely, accurate information on background and current issues affecting the U.S.-Saudi relationship.

The Saudi-American Forum (SAF) is a non-commercial site operated under the auspices of the National Council on U.S. - Arab Relations. The Forum is a resource for Americans who value the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia and who want to act in response to erroneous and misleading depictions of the relationship in the media and elsewhere. The Forum also will serve as a vehicle for participants to contribute their experiences and their ideas and opinions on the issues of the day.

Among the Steering Committee members for the Saudi-American Forum are retired Aramcons Paul Nance, Bob Norberg, Mary Norton, and Bill Tracy.

The SAF web site includes a number of interactive service features: search engine, feedback forms, new member registration forms and a members' input form to facilitate contribution of ideas and commentary.

The web site features two core venues: "The Forum" and "The Advocate." These areas are both information resources.

"The Forum" includes news archives, a reference library, and members' venues for posting testimonials and remembrances, and for input of comments on issues of the day.

"The Advocate" provides information to aid taking action. It will contain the SAF "Action Alerts"-- bulletins alerting members to issues affecting the Saudi - U.S. relationship, and resources to aid members in responding to officials, media and others regarding their concerns over these issues.

The SAF also includes an email newsletter with a variety of information resources, including essays by leading authorities on Saudi - U.S. relations, news bulletins, and "Action Alerts."

Members of the Saudi American Forum are U.S. citizens who have lived in Saudi Arabia and who want information on issues impacting the Saudi - U.S. relationship. Americans currently living in the Kingdom also are invited to participate. New members can register through the web site. Please pass this information to your friends and colleagues who may meet the criteria for Forum membership.

The address of the web site is: Saudi-American Forum.