Aramco’s Ali I. Naimi, who provided the keynote address, called the show “an important measure of the meaningful transfer of expertise.”

Third Middle East Oil Show Opens in Bahrain; Aramco Participates - 1983
Chairman of the board John J. Kelberer discusses a display at the Aramco exhibit with Bahrain's Prime Minister Shaikh Khalifa. Touring the Oil Show exhibit with the official party were J.R. Jorden, president-elect of the Society of Petroleum Engineers; Ali I. Naimi, Aramco Executive Vice President; and HE Yusuf A. Shirawi, Minister of Industry and Development of Bahrain.

From the March 16, 1983 edition of The Arabian Sun.

The Middle East's largest petroleum technology exhibit -- the third biennial Middle East Oi Show and Conference -- opened Monday in Bahrain Aramco was prominently represented with a company exhibit and by the active roles Aramcons played in the technical conference.

Aramco's Executive Vice President Ali I. Naimi delivered the conference keynote address, following a welcoming speech by His Excellency Yusuf A. Shirawi, Bahrain's Minister of Development and Industry.

Of the 72 research papers presented at the conference, a dozen were written or coauthored by Aramco scientists and engineers. Aramcons also filled the posts of session chairman or cochairman at three of the 13 technical meetings held during the four-day show.

The Oil Show serves as "an important measure of the meaningful transfer of expertise ... to the oil-producing people of the Gulf," Naimi said.

Naimi, who served for two years a chairman of the conference's program planning committee, pointed out in his address that many of the exhibits and technical papers to be presented at the Oil Show highlight the management of maturing oil fields and the techniques of enhanced oil recover," an indication of the farsighted vision that characterizes the national oil industries in the Gulf countries. Although these techniques have little immediate application," Naimi added, "they will no doubt increase in significance over the next decades.

Third Middle East Oil Show Opens in Bahrain; Aramco Participates - 1983


— The Arabian Sun: March 16, 2023