Abqaiq Mini-Teacher's Reunion (1970's)

A significant number of Aramcon annuitants share in the honor of having once taught school in Saudi Arabia. Like so many other ex-Aramcons, they maintain their friendships from way back when even to this day. Recently a group of them, along with spouses, held a joyous, fun-filled reunion in Las Vegas. They traded stories about what’s happening in their lives today and shared memories of their common experience of having taught together in Abqaiq. For them, teaching in the Kingdom was a calling, and they’ve never lost their enthusiasm for the dramatic story in which they played a part in the 1970's. Attending the reunion were: Jary and Jane Archer; Gary and Ana Maria Clark; Cecelia (McKenna) Doughty; Byron and Cindy Herbert; Art and Roshni Herbert; Howard and Diane Heffernan; Shirley Hurt; D. J. (Collington) Knickrehm; Tom and Stephanie McNicholas; Jeanette (Nader) Packard; ​Jeff and Carol Reppuns; Tim Sandin; Bob and Linda Simms; and Donna Smith​. Kudos to all of them for jobs well done and for the significant contributions they made to their fellow Aramcons, their children and Aramco.

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