Aramco Services Miami Area Annuitants Reunion Leslie Bosch, Anneliese Tedeschi, Sol Asekun, Hal Barham and Dave Bosch
Aramco Services Company

Aramco Services Company’s Washington office director David Bosch hosted a reunion for Miami-area annuitants, retirees and brats aboard the Biscayne Lady yacht in sunny Florida on April 1st.

Aramco Services Miami Area Annuitants Reunion Guests gather for dinner and a warm welcome from David Bosch
Aramco Services Company

The evening began at 5 pm with a cocktail reception. At 6 pm, the yacht set sail on the Biscayne Bay, where guests watched the sun go down behind the Miami skyline while they caught up with old friends.

David Bosch greeted the crowd of 75 shortly before dinner, and read a welcome note from ASC President and CEO Mazen I. Snobar, who was attending the Aviation Department reunion that same evening in Houston. David filled the group in on developments within the company and Kingdom, and on behalf of ASC and SAO management, expressed gratitude to the group for their contributions to the Company.

The evening concluded at 10 pm, with friends swapping email addresses and phone numbers. Upon their departure, guests were handed gift bags containing Aramco music CDs, calendars from Aramco ExPats, a book of desert photography, small picture frames and information on the 25th Biennial Annuitant Reunion that will be held in Branson, Missouri May 29-June 1, 2006, to be hosted by annuitants Tony and Judy Germani.