Retired employee Mohammed Ifteqaruddin Badge #140948, Technical Advisor Mechanical Services from Ras Tanura Refinery Maintenance Department, machine shop unit, shares the following news from Azam Shareef.

"I have received the following invitation card from Azam Shareef, Aramco Badge #142914, a friend of mine and a retired employee of Saudi Aramco, who served the company for 39+ years as Medical Referral Coordinator at the Saudi Aramco Health Centre, Medical Referral Office in Dhahran.

"The function was held for his daughter, Uzma Afreen, and was the marriage dinner called the Walima Ceremony held at SNR Convention located in a posh area of Hyderabad.

Wedding Dinner at Pearls and Princely City Hyderabad

"To overcome the crowded evening traffic, guests came on bikes as well as cars.

"The groom, Mohammed Sohail Ahmed, is a chartered accountant by profession working in Hyderabad for Thomson Reuters.

Wedding Dinner at Pearls and Princely City Hyderabad
From left to right, Mohammed Ifteqaruddin Badge # 140948, Groom Mohammed Sohail Ahmed and his father-in-law Azam Shareef.


"The dinner consisted of several dishes including the world’s popular dish Biryani along with other sweet dishes, it was delicious and well-arranged.

"The dining hall was as bright as daylight lit by chandeliers over red dining tables and comfortable chairs.

Wedding Dinner at Pearls and Princely City Hyderabad

"I met another retired employee and friend of mine, Abdul Gaffar Khan, who served in the Saudi Aramco Medical Services Organization for 40 years at Dhahran. He was in a facility where most of the employees and their dependents underwent training in CPR and First Aid. The meeting made my day since I hadn't seen him for a long time, it created an occasion to recall the sweet memories of the Golden Days.

"The following is my congratulatory message:

"I was more than happy to receive your daughter’s wedding dinner invitation. It’s her day and I am really happy to be part of it. Your daughter has brought joy to your life and made you proud. Congratulations on this auspicious occasion."

"Saudi Aramco Global readers may send your greetings to Azam Shareef by email to"