Master Saalif Siddiqui
Bushra, daughter of Saudi Aramco Ex-Employee Shahid Hussain badge number 143030, and her husband Kamal Ahmed Siddiqui were blessed with a baby boy and named him Master Saalif Siddiqui. Shahid Hussain resides in the historical city Meerut of Uttar Pradesh (UP). Iqbal Ahmed Khan visited Shahid and this is his report:
Master Saalif SiddiquiShahid Hussain, Engr. Iqbal A. Khan and Pervez Halim
I was in India last month and visited my old friend Shahid Hussain an Ex-Employee of Saudi Aramco residing in the historical city Meerut of Uttar Pradesh (UP). Meerut is my birth place and also where I got married. The Holy Month of Ramadan began while I was in Meerut. My cousin's brother Sheri Pervez Halim and I were invited on an Iftar by Shahid Hussain. We enjoyed the delicious dishes especially made only during Ramadan by Mrs. Shahid Hussain. Shahid Hussain has only one daughter Bushra who got married in January 05, 2008 to Kamal Ahmed Siddiqui. Mr. Siddiqui completed his MCA (Master of Computer Applications) Degree from the Institute of New Delhi. He runs his own publishing Institute of Islamic Literature at Deoband (Faisal Publications
Master Saalif SiddiquiKamal A. Siddiqui and Bushra
The couple was blessed with a baby boy named as Master Saalif Siddiqui and now Shahid Hussain is very happy and thankful to Almighty Allah that he is a proud grandpa of Saalif. SAEEA wish all the best to Bushra Kamal and to Mr. Shahid Hussain to see a happy and prosperous life of Saalif in future, Ameen.