Zoya Imran

Zoya Imran is the daughter of Imran Ahmed Khan Ghouri and Erum Imran and the granddaughter of Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan, VP of Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association Karachi (SAEEA). Zoya has just graduated in flying colors in grade two and now she is promoted to grade three at Generation’s School in Karachi. Zoya celebrated her 8th Happy Birthday on May 22, 2015 instead of the actual date which is 1st June, as her father has to go back to his job in the Gas Field on Tuesday May 26, 2015, in Karachi along with her school friends Roshaan Ali Syed, Rawah Khan, Dania Mansoor, Simra Mansoor and Hania Asad. Her first cousin Obaid Ur Rehman, Habib Ur Rehman, Mariam A. Rehman and Umair Asif and her very close relatives also attended her birthday party. Zoya is a very active student of her class and is in the first three best students of her class. She was presented prizes in her class during the last session. She is very energetic and very out spoken and a bright girl. In the new session of the school which is going to start from August 5, 2015 she is going to join the South Campus of the school leaving her younger sister Zara Imran who is in Grade One in the present Campus. Zoya’s father is working for a Multinational Gas Company in the Instrumentation Department and the work location is out of Karachi. Her mother has done her Masters in Home Economics from Karachi University but she is not working. Rest all relatives are in Karachi. SAEEA wish Zoya Imran a very Happy Birthday and pray that she has a bright future and always keep her parents proud by getting good grades and positions in her class, Ameen.

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