2019 KSA Reunion

2019 KSA Reunion


Registration for Retirees Now Open!

For Non-Retirees, Registration begins November 1, 2018


NEWS FLASH from the 2019 KSA Reunion Committee:

November 1 is fast approaching and we will be opening up for applicants who are not company retirees. Please do not apply prior to November 1 as we are still accepting only Retirees at this time.

We have limited spots remaining and therefore must prioritize our applicants. Generally speaking, retirees and former employees with many years of service who are accompanied by family members will receive top priority. Remaining slots will then be allocated to families not accompanied by the retiree/former employee and those with lesser years.

All other requirements still apply, including the age limitations.

Having attended previous Reunions is also not a guarantee that you will be approved for this one. Thank you for your patience as we fill the remaining slots.

For questions, please see resources below.

Updates about the reunion will be posted on Aramco ExPats and the following:

KSA Facebook KSA-reunion.com

Click below to read a list of Frequently Asked Questions*. FAQs will be updated so check back again!

Click Here for Reunion FAQs

*Questions not answered in the FAQs can now be directed to the KSA Reunion Committee through their Facebook page (see link above) or by email at [email protected].

2019 KSA ExPat Reunion Newsletter

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