Bill J. McConnell

4 October 1976

Aramco Deputy Comptroller Bill J. McConnell died on Oct. 4 in Los Angeles, Calif.

James K. Christensen

28 September 1976

James K. Christensen, who departed on early retirement last February, died on Sept. 28.

Peter Anthony Tiernan

10 September 1976

Peter Anthony Tiernan, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Tiernan of Dhahran, died in an automobile accident on Sept. 10 near Ft. Hood, El Paso, Tex. [sic]

Six men were killed

28 July 1976

Six men were killed Wednesday afternoon, July 28, when a PHI helicopter crashed and burned while on a routine flight from Safaniya to Dhahran. There were no survivors.

Jack E. Nolan

12 July 1976

Word has been received of the death of Aramco employee Jack E. Nolan, 47, on July 12 at St. Clemens Hospital, Red Bend, Ill.

Albert Ledoux Currie

9 June 1976

Memorial services were held at the Dhahran Theater yesterday for Albert Ledoux Currie, senior aircraft pilot with Aramco's Aviation Department, who died in a motor vehicle accident last Thursday.

Abdul-Rahman Muhammad Dhubaiban

7 June 1976

Abdul-Rahman Muhammad Dhubaiban, an employee of Aramco for more than 25 years, died Monday, June 7, at his al-Khobar home.

Dan Ray Holland

18 April 1976

Word has been received of the death of Dan Ray Holland on April 18 in Texas.

Don M. Chastain

17 April 1976

Memorial services were held on Saturday, April 24, at the Dhahran Theater for Don M. Chastain who died on Saturday, April 17, in Dhahran.

Ahmed M. Zahir

24 November 1975

Ahmed M. Zahir, superintendent of the Maintenance and Services Division of the Refinery and Terminal Maintenance Department, died on Nov. 24 in his home village of Awamiyah in Qatif Oasis.

Judith Nice

18 November 1975

Word has been received that Judith Nice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cole Nice, formerly of Dhahran, died on Nov. 18 after a short illness.

Colin John Budge

12 November 1975

Colin John Budge of Abqaiq died in a motor vehicle accident Nov. 12.