George W. Scott

18 December 1979

The company has learned of the death of Dhahran resident George W. Scott, 52, who died suddenly of a heart attack Dec. 18 in Cupertino, Calif., while on repatriation vacation.

Geraldine L. Doelle

17 October 1979

Memorial services were held in Dhahran Sunday, Oct. 21, for Geraldine L. Doelle, who died suddenly Wednesday morning, Oct. 17, at her residence in Dhahran North.

Mohammed Yusuf Butt

19 September 1979

Mohammed Yusuf Butt, administrator of the Crude and Gas Products Division, Financial Accounting Department, died suddenly in his sleep yesterday at his Dhahran residence.

Johnnie Arthur Blackburn

9 September 1979

Johnnie Arthur Blackburn, who worked in Aramco's Medical Services Organization for more than 25 years, died suddenly in Dhahran on Sunday, Sept. 9. He was 53 years old.

Eid Ahmed al-Sayigh and Randall Arthur Day

22 August 1979

Eid Ahmed al-Sayigh, oil operations facilities inspector, and Randall Arthur Day, an engineer in Aramco's Associate Professional Program, died in the fire that broke out in a gasoline storage spheroid at the Ras Tanura Refinery on Wednesday, Aug. 22.

William F. Gallivan

11 July 1979

Memorial services were held in the Najmah Theater last Monday for William F. Gallivan, who died in Dhahran on Wednesday, July 11.

Fahd Sa'ad al-Nimer al-Subaey

17 May 1979

Fahd Sa'ad al-Nimer al-Subaey, a transportation driver throughout his entire 41-year career with Aramco, died Thursday, May 17, as the result of a headon collision that occurred while he was returning from a late night delivery of materials to Ras Tanura.

Beverly Ann Kneese

11 May 1979

Memorial services will be held at 3:30 this afternoon at the Fellowship Hall, House 1427-A, for Beverly Ann Kneese, who died in Dhahran on Friday, May 11. She was 30 years old last month.

Khamis Bahnan

25 March 1979

Memorial services will be held in the Dhahran Theater on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for Khamis Bahnan, who died here on Sunday, March 25.

Robert L. Powell

12 March 1979

Word has been received of the death of Robert L. Powell on March 12 while on temporary assignment in the Engineering Department of Aramco Services Company in Houston, Tex. He was 32 years old.

Paul A. Novey

1 March 1979

Memorial services were held this morning at the Dhahran Theater for Paul A. Novey who died on Thursday, March 1.

Steven H. Otto

12 February 1979

The company has received word of the death of Steven H. Otto on Feb. 12 in California. The Otto family had departed Ras Tanura Dec. 20 so that Mr. Otto could undergo treatment at UCLA Medical Center.