Ahmed Essa Lemsalley

Deceased: 18 April 1964

Under: Obituary

Ahmed Essa Lemsalley, age 41, a native of Tarut Island, came to work for Aramco in April, 1940, and the following year became operator at the Dhahran stabilizer.

In November, 1946, he was appointed head distillation operator and in January, 1953, lead pump station operator; in August of the same year he was assigned as job trainer, boiler operator. In March, 1959, he became lead stabilizer operator, then mushrif, Pump Station "A" in June, 1961. He was promoted to muraqib "B", Dhahran Pump Station, in March, 1962.

Lemsalley departed for a six-month out-of-Kingdom training assignment in Houston, Tex., last September. He was on his return from this assignment at the time of his death.

Lemsalley's family live in Tarut; he has four sons and a daughter. [Photograph]

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