Albert F. Pinard

Deceased: 9 March 1955

Under: Obituary

Sun and Flare regrets to announce the death of Mr. Albert F. Pinard of Ras Tanura District on March 9. Condolences are extended to the widow, Mrs. Mary Pinard, and daughter, Miss Rita Mari Pinard.

Mr. Pinard is also survived by two brothers, T. J. Pinard of Roseburg, Oregon, and Lt. Col. George E. Pinard of San Francisco.

We wish to thank all our friends here in Arabia who have been so very kind and helpful in our bereavement.

Especially do we thank Bud's special friends and pallbearers, all those who helped make the funeral ceremony so lovely with their flowers and management which has been so very helpful and cooperative. Mrs. Mary Pinard Miss Rita Mari Pinard, Ras Tanura

Words cannot express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our many friends for the innumerable acts of kindness, and for the generous contributions made toward our welfare at the time of Mr. Pinard's passing.

Since it is impossible to contact each individual, we trust everyone who assisted or contributed in any way will accept this as a personal thank you. Mrs. Mary Pinard Ritamari Pinard, Gainseville, Georgia.

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