Eid Ahmed al-Sayigh and Randall Arthur Day

Deceased: 22 August 1979

Under: Obituary

Eid Ahmed al-Sayigh, oil operations facilities inspector, and Randall Arthur Day, an engineer in Aramco's Associate Professional Program, died in the fire that broke out in a gasoline storage spheroid at the Ras Tanura Refinery on Wednesday, Aug. 22.

Mr. al-Sayigh, 57, began his career with Aramco in October 1947 as an apprentice gauger, and since then worked in various capacities in the refinery, including pumphouse operator and supervising operator.

Mr. al-Sayigh's family, including 10 children, resides in Saihat. [Photograph]

Mr. Day, 24, who came from Bakersfield, Calif., joined the company in November 1977 after receiving a BS in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. In addition to his work in the refinery for the Engineering Division of Northern Area Oil Operations, Mr. Day also worked in the Technical Services Department and on natural gas liquids projects at Berri.

Surviving Mr. Day is his widow, Terri, who may be contacted at 1002 East Trenton, Orange, Calif., 92667. [Photographs]

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