Ibrahim bin Ahmed

Deceased: 14 August 1950

Under: Obituary

During the night of August 14th, while awaiting transportation to Rahaima at the intersection of the Ras Tanura-Terminal road and the North Pier road, Ibrahim bin Ahmed, #3019, was run down and killed by a car driven by a non-Company employee.

"Braheem", as he was affectionately known by all his American associates, was the pattern used by all the Americans in the Terminal Operating section in their effort to shape the new Arab employee to fit the job at hand. He was loved and respected by his fellow workers, Americans and Arabs alike, for his co-operative spirit, his devotion to his supervisors and to the Company, and for his unselfish willingness to bear the brunt of any onerous task which presented itself.

Through him, many new men were rapidly trained who otherwise might have taken much longer to grasp the new and strange work. As further tribute to his ability it can be truly said that several Americans now holding responsible operating positions, owe a great deal to "Braheem" for his unselfish assistance to them during their trainee period.

Though "Braheem" may be gone from us in body, his spirit and the memory of this grand character will always remain as a cherished memory to every Terminal employee.

To "Braheem" we say "Fi Aman Illah."

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