James Earl Gourley

Deceased: 30 April 1991

Under: Obituary

James Earl Gourley was my best friend and business partner for over 10 years in Houston, TX. Jim went on from Albion and the Peace Corps to get his Master's and PhD from Univ of Oklahoma. He was married for a couple of years during that time and had a son, however, his wife divorced him and took the son and Jim never saw or heard from them again-they just disappeared. Jim worked most of his professional career at ARAMCO (Saudi Oil Company) in Houston as Director of Training and Development for operations in the US and Saudi Arabia. He was also a silent partner in several businesses of mine. He died April 30th, 1991, after about a year of illness from a form of stomach cancer. He really was not in any real pain or discomfort during this time and we travelled most of that year all over the world. The last month or two he became too weak to travel, but he was never hospitalized for more than a few days at a time and he passed away at home. I hope this has been of help to you and if you have any other questions pelase feel free to contact me again at my email address. Thanks for thinking of Jim. I still miss him alot and think about him often.

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