Jim Elson

Deceased: 27 December 2020

Under: Obituary

My father Jim Elson passed away peacefully early Sunday morning, December 27th, 2020. He leaves behind his beautiful bride Ruselle, my sister and I, and seven grandchildren. He had a successful career as an engineer and was instrumental in the development of many engineering principles that are still practiced today. He traveled the world while working at Aramco in Saudi Arabia. Once he retired from Aramco he began a second career as a probationary officer in Phoenix. He also was in the sheriff posse and had a short stint with the TSA. He was a proud marine. He also loved making jewelry, prospecting and taking pictures. Life was not kind to him in retirement as he suffered a major stroke leaving him with limited mobility. But he was determined that his disability would not stop him. Recently his life had some unfortunate events- family members stole his jewelry and gun collection, but somehow he managed to keep a positive outlook on life. Recently he met the “love of his life” Russelle and after his divorce they were married. If you still have parents alive please call them and tell them you love them. Only time will heal my broken heart. Burial will be in Brooklyn, New York. Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.

~Karan Elson Lustig

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