John H. MacNeil

Deceased: 12 April 2018

Under: Obituary
John H. MacNeil
Sam, John and Mickey

John H. MacNeil left this earthly plane on April 12, 2018, while doing what he loved, playing a great round of golf. He was just shy of his 80th birthday and was the epitome of health. His heart just gave out and he didn't suffer. He is survived by Sharon "Sam" his wife, and 5 children, grandchildren and Mickey, his beloved companion. This man was a generous giving soul and cared for his wife and home with sacrificial love that most dream of. Retired from Aramco after many years of service in RasTanura, The Hague, and Houston, TX.

For those that have sent condolences and have asked what we need please pray about donating via GoFundMe to the care of his beloved wife and end of life expenses. As Sam prepares to treasure John's memory, she will move to Texas where they once shared a rich life together.

For questions or concerns, please reach out to John's daughter, Kristine: [email protected] or (808) 645-6365.

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