John M. Chapman

Deceased: 18 November 1955

Under: Obituary

Sun and Flare regrets to announce the death of Dr. John M. Chapman, district medical director of Ras Tanura, who died of a heart attack on Nov. 18, in his home at the age of 51.

Dr. Chapman was resident surgeon in the Dhahran Health Center from his arrival in Saudi Arabia on Aug. 4, 1947, until July, 1953, when he was appointed director of Ras Tanura's medical facilities.

Dr. Chapman, a native of Ennis, Tex., is survived by his wife, Isabelle.

I wish to express to Doctor Chapman's many friends my thanks and deep appreciation for their thoughtful acts of kindness, and their help, during this most difficult time. I am especially grateful for the help and advice rendered by Aramco through its various representatives. Mrs. Isabelle M. Chapman, Fort Worth, Tex.

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