L. K. Stellfox

Deceased: 14 June 1953

Under: Obituary

Aramco regrets to announce the death of L. K. Stellfox, Abqaiq Transportation Division employee, on June 14, 1953.

Mr. Stellfox and another employee were returning from the Rub al Khali to Abqaiq District at about noon on Friday, June 12, 1953. The vehicle became stalled in the sand and their absence was not noted until after the hour of darkness Friday evening. On Saturday a severe shamal prevented search from the air. Mr. Stellfox left the vehicle presumably in an attempt to locate assistance.

It is assumed that he lost his way because of the shifting sands and apparently became exhausted. A search was instituted on Sunday when the weather cleared sufficiently to enable air and ground crews to operate. The vehicle was soon located with the employee safe who had remained with the vehicle, but the body of Mr. Stellfox was not located until about 10:00 a.m. Monday morning.

Mr. Stellfox came with Aramco on February 5, 1952, making many friends and quickly earning an excellent reputation as an employee and a citizen. He is survived by three sons residing in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

Our deepest sympathies are extended to the relatives and close friends of the deceased.

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