Lewis T. LeNaire

15 May 1909 - 26 January 1956

Under: Obituary

Sun and Flare regrets to announce the death of Lewis T. LeNaire, assistant comptroller, AOC, The Hague. Mr. LeNaire died at 4 a.m. Jan. 26 in Oklahoma City after surgery.

A resident of Brooklyn, N.Y., Mr. LeNaire was born May 15, 1909, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began work with Aramco in December, 1944, as an accountant in Ras Tanura District. He later served as assistant superintendent, Accounting department, Ras Tanura, as superintendent in the Dhahran District Accounting department and finally as assistant manager of the Accounting department, General Office, before his transfer to The Hague in August, 1954.

He is survived by his widow, Orleta, c/o Mrs. Vought, Cartersville, Okla., and one child.

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