Melvin M. Orseth

Deceased: 13 May 1978

Under: Obituary

Memorial services were held this morning in Dhahran for Melvin M. Orseth, 45, who died of a heart attack early Saturday, May 13, in The Hague while on a company business assignment.

Mr. Orseth was born in Nelson County, N. D. In 1953, after three years service with the U.S. Army, he entered the University of North Dakota where he received his bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical engineering. He also taught the subject at the university.

Mr. Orseth joined Aramco in August 1959 as an electrical engineer and initially worked in the Engineering Department in New York. In August 1960 he was transferred from NYO to Dhahran Engineering. From January 1961 he worked in Construction until his transfer back to Engineering later in the year. He held a number of developmental assignments in Engineering and several acting assignments in Communications. In 1967 he was named assistant superintendent, Electronic Maintenance, and the following year in February he became superintendent, Communications Division. In April 1970 he was named manager of the Communications Department, the position he held at the time of his death.

Surviving Mr. Orseth are his wife, Sonia, and four children: son, Mark, 15, who is attending the Prove Kenyan School in Provo, Utah, and three daughters, Betsy, 13, and twin girls, Kara and Kristen, 11, who are students at the Dhahran School.

Mrs. Orseth can be contacted c/o Ole Orseth, Lakota, N.D., 58344. [Photograph]

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