Michael D. Copenhaver

Deceased: 11 December 1980

Under: Obituary

Funeral services will be held in Quaro, Texas for Michael D. Copenhaver of Ras Tanura who died at the age of 40, as a result of a motor vehicle accident on Dec. 11.

Mr. Copenhaver joined the company in 1977 and was initially assigned to the Berri Gas Plant where he served as a supervising operator of the NGL unit and later of utilities. Mr. Copenhaver had been recently assigned to 'Uthmaniyah Gas Plant where he had been promoted to the post of supervising specialist for the diglycolamine unit. He was, however, still residing in Ras Tanura at the time of his death.

During his years in Ras Tanura, Mr. Copenhaver often gave his time to help with various community athletic programs, both for adults and for young people. He was particularly noted for his bowling skill.

Mr. Copenhaver is survived by his wife, Nina, and their two daughters, Lynne, 14, and Donna, 12. After Dec. 28 Mrs. Copenhaver may be contacted in care of Mr. Copenhaver's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Copenhaver, Box 43, Ottine, Texas. [Photograph]

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