Pauline Weathers

Deceased: 26 August 2016

Under: Obituary

Pauline ("Paula") Weathers passed away August 26, 2016, at her apartment in the Remington Retirement Center in Rancho Bernardo, CA. She was surrounded by her four children: Chris, Lorna, Lexie, and Paula and her three little dogs.

Paula married Colonel Stormy Weathers in Asmara, Eritrea. Following the war, during the early days of Aramco, she and Stormy moved to Dhahran, where she is heralded for growing the first lawn in the Aramco compounds. During Stormy's years with Aramco, they also lived in Abqaiq and Ras Tanura.

Paula was an excellent bridge player, golfer, and skilled knitter. She volunteered in many charitable activities. Her knitted baby blankets went out all over the world and  earned her recognition from Mother Teresa.

In addition to her children, she is survived by eleven grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

Kathy (On behalf of Lorna and her siblings.) Montgomery, AB64
Grover Beach, CA

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