Pearl G. Henderson

Deceased: 5 January 1985

Under: Obituary

Pearl G. Henderson died on January 5, 1985 in Salinas, California. Pearl is the wife of R. Miller Henderson who died on October 4, 1965.

Their daughter, Nona provides the following information based on her recollections:
Mother was born in Bradford, Pennsylvania in 1907 but my grandparents soon moved to Coalinga, California in the San Joaquin Valley where she attended school

Mom and Dad married in 1929 and I was born in December of that year.  I was their only child. In 1944, my father travelled to Saudi Arabia via Cairo. I believe he was in Dhahran for a short time then in Ras Tanura as Foreman in the electrical deptartment. I believe his ARAMCO# was 1503.  Mother and I joined him in December of 1947 after I had graduated from high school in California. He retired in the late 50's or early 60's and settled in Salinas, California where they both died.

Mother did not work for Aramco, but I did as a casual  employee for a  short time before marrying one of the young RT engineers (#3508) in Beirut on his first "long vacation" in 1949.

Mr. and Mrs. Henderson had 5 grandchildren all born in Saudi Arabia.

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