Rafiq Ahmed Burney

19 February 1944 - 16 February 2015

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Rafiq Ahmed Burney

Mr. Burney, Aramco ID # 71767, passed away on February 16, 2015 in Virginia, USA.

Inna Lilah-e-Wa Inna Alaihe Raje'oon. (To Him 'our Creator The Almighty Allah' we belong and to Him we shall return)

He started his career with Saudi Aramco, Industrial Security Department, Ras Tanura in 1972 and later on moved to Dhahran where he completed his service by retiring with Saudi Aramco in the year 2004, followed by settling in United Arab Emirates, then briefly in Pakistan and finally moved to USA in 2011.

We pray that Allah has mercy on his soul in the Qab'r and at the Day of Judgement. We also pray that Allah blesses him with the highest place in Jannt ul Firdous. Ameen!

He is survived by his wife, two daughters, son, and three grandchildren.

For condolences, his children can be reached on their cell and email:

Khurram R. Burney
Cell : +1 804-982-0128
Email : [email protected]

Kiran R. Burney
Cell: +971 55-223-9267
Email: [email protected]

Sadaf R. Burney
Cell: +1 703-459-6010
Email: [email protected]

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