Thelma Jean Carter

Deceased: 18 April 1964

Under: Obituary

Thelma Jean Carter, 35, was born in Hazel Park, Mich., and attended schools there. She received her B.A. in education from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, in 1956, and her M. A. in 1958.

Prior to joining Aramco she taught arts and crafts at Fitzgerald Schools in Warren, Mich., as well as doing professional photography. She joined Aramco in August 1958, and taught junior high school literature and fourth through ninth grade art in the Dhahran School.

Miss Carter is survived by her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Carter, two sisters and a brother. Her parents' address is 1999 East Woodruff, Hazel Park, Mich. [Photograph]

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