Vemon E. Miller

Deceased: 18 September 1973

Under: Obituary

Vemon E. Miller, shift coordinator, Plants Division, Abqaiq Plants and Pipelines Department, died of a heart attack in Abqaiq on Tuesday, September 18. Memorial services were held last Saturday in the Abqaiq Theater.

Mr. Miller transferred to Aramco in 1955 as reformer operator, Ras Tanura Refinery, after 11 years with Standard Oil Company of California at the Richmond Refinery. In 1957 he became Hydroformer operator, the assignment he held until his promotion as supervising operator, and later as head operator of Blending and Treating, Oil Handling Division, in 1959. Named as supervising operator, Pump Houses, in 1960, he was transferred to Oil Operations as shift coordinator in 1963. After six years in this position he became foreman, North Refinery, from which he assumed his most recent assignment in Abqaiq in 1972.

Surviving family members include his wife, Hulda Lois, a married daughter, Geraldine, and another daughter, Trudy, who graduated from the Bahrain School last year. The family's contact address is c/o Mrs. J. G. Glaser, 2008 Shamrock Drive, Fortuna, Calif. 95540. [Photograph]

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