William Anthony Scott

Deceased: 18 April 1964

Under: Obituary

William Anthony Scott, age 39, worked for over 10 years with Aramco's Public Relations. Since August, 1961, he was department manager.

Scott was born in Pittsburg, Kansas, and attended public schools there until his service with the U. S. Air Force from 1943-1945.

Following the war, he entered Kansas State Teacher's College in Pittsburg, where he received his Bachelor's degree in Languages and Literature. In 1950, he was awarded his M.A. in English from the University of Arizona.

Embarking on a teaching career, Scott first taught journalism, English and speech at Tucson High School, and later taught journalism at Kansas State Teachers College.

In 1952, he moved to the Middle East to teach Journalism at the American University of Beirut, where he also supervised production of the campus newspaper.

He left AUB in 1953 to join Aramco and came to Dhahran at that time to work in Public Relations. He eventually headed up each of the divisions in the department; he was editor of Sun and Flare, supervisor of Public Information, supervisor of Film and Radio and staff advisor. In 1956, he was assigned to begin work on Aramco Television, and put the station on the air in September, 1957, the first company owned educational television outlet.

Scott went to the New York Office in January, 1962, on a rotational assignment and subsequently spent six months on special assignment with Standard Oil Company, New Jersey. He returned to Dhahran in December, 1962.

He is survived by his wife, Frances, and two small children, Katherine, 3, and Anthony, 1. His father, W. J. Scott, lives at 521 East Jackson St., Pittsburg, Kan. [Photograph]

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