2006 Annuitant's Reunion - Part 7

Contributed by Aramco ExPats on 29 June 2006

Under: Reunions and Socials
Janny & Monique Slotboom, and Curtis King Good Conversation Kay Taylor, ?, and Byron Taylor Owen Harrison and Bill Walker Hank Dillon and Albert Csaszar Jerry Stupay and Bidah Al-Gahtani ? And Phyllis Hamilton Sally Aslan and Brenda Schnell Ed Miller, Tony Germani, and Axel Green Jon Foster, Bill Mulcahy, and Dr. Michael Butler Richard Savage, Wiley McMinn, and Glyn Jenkins Brenda Schnell Glyn Jenkins Sally Aslan John F. Mowbray Catarina Beresky and Gayle Twyman Karen Eaton Hinz, Catarina Beresky, and Dave Hinz Deya Elyas and M. Yusof Rafie Larry and Shirley Osborn Judy McMinn and Mary Barber Ginny Griffith, Mary Stephens, Sharon O'Brien, and ? ?, Roger Bumpers, ? Sharon Green, Bert Golding, Colleen Colligeros Ray Stevens, Tom & Julie Doody and Peggy McGinley Frank and Judi Corts Ginny Griffith, Mary Stevens, Sharon O'Brien & Sheila Stevens Yvonne Rosenquist & M. Yusof Rafie
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