2006 Central Texas Annuitants Annual Christmas Party

Contributed by Ray Stevens, Julie Doody on 14 December 2006

Under: Reunions and Socials
Bill Klingman, Dennis Sanford, & Ray Stevens Marge Johansson, Dennis Sanford, & Lucy Templer Ray Stevens, Sarah and ? Bill Walker and ? Mike Erspamer, Tom Doody, and ? ? and Kim Lucy Templer and Bill Klingman Shirley Martin, Pam & Mark Piedtford, Cris Gillet Aramcon Friends Friends Enjoy Dinner Tom & Julie Doody Marty McKnight and Tom Doody Kathleen and Roger Bumpers Wiley & Judy McMinn, and Howard Berg Dennis Sanford and Ray Stevens Sheila Stevens and Patty Lucy Templer and Judy Walker Lucy Templer and Marge Johansson Dan & Lynda Walters and Joe Sanford
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