Abqaiq Group Visits Rub Al Khali

Contributed by Ray Stevens on 21 February 2011

Under: Saudi Arabia
Flying South to Rub Al Khali Voted "The Queen" at the Rig Mary Roth and Sheila Stevens Three Vehicles Rub Al Khali Landscape Hot Wind in Rub Al Khali Approaching Drilling Rig German Tractor on Rig Road Rub Al Khali Rig Road Aramco Pilot Flying Fokker with Abqaiq Group Mary Roth and Sheila Stevens in Tractor-Plane to Rig On the Plane Sheila on the Left Drilling Tractor Mary Roth & Sheila Stevens on Rig Stairs Aramco Drilling Rig - Rub Al Khali Aramco Drilling Rig Workers Lining Up Drill Pipe Ray Stevens by Aramco Drilling Rig 1981-5-26,15,Aramco drilling rig,img075 1981-5-26,22,looking up rig derrick,img083 Center of Drilling Rig Drilling Mud Mixing Area Mickey Berry (Rig Supt.) with Power Plant in Back Mary Roth, Rig Foreman, and Sheila Stevens Mickey Berry Explains Operations Long and Hot Road Back to the Plane Aramco Drilling Rig Drill Pipe Housing at the Drilling Rig Rig Road Maintenance Equipment Backup Vehicle #1 and Backup Vehicle Abqaiq Tour Group Returns to Plane Departing Rub Al Khali Drilling Rig with 3 Vehicles Ray Stevens Getting Red Rub Al Khali Sand View from Plane Flying North Out of Rub Al Khali Aerial View of Saudi Arabia Sand Dunes Aramco Drilling Rig - From Air
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