Aramco Brats Reunion - Banquet

Contributed by Aramco ExPats on 1 June 2007

Under: Reunions and Socials
Banquet Table Layout Buffet Friends Get Ready to Eat Banquet Guests Brats Reminisced Decorated Chandelier Mike Simms - President Aramco Brats Deya Elyas Mary Littlejohn-Dunn Diane Knipfel-Adams Gary Barnes Sports Tournaments Announcements Tournament Awards Jeff Hutchins Runs the Auction Ghutra Ties Arab Dress Al Khobar Apron Tray Table The Auction Continues Quilt That Sold For $2000 Matt Is Pleased With His Red Ghutra Tie Roger Smith, Richard Owen, and ? Troy Shriver and Kristina Aberle Angus Perkerson Friends Finish Their Meals Owen Oxley and Art Clark Diana Wilson Fenlon and Karen Fallon
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