Aramco Brats Reunion - Post-Banquet

Contributed by Aramco ExPats on 9 June 2007

Under: Reunions and Socials
Catching Up at the Bar Post-Banquet Cocktails Jeff Hutchins Dancing Marlo and Barbara Goff David Goff and Hank Dillon Friends Get Ready to Boogie Anne Sundberg Johnston With her Auction Item Diane & Kenneth Ray, and Tom Tirrell Anthony (Steve) Pais Sandy Smith, Mike Grimes, and ? Anthony (Steve) Pais and Deya Elyas Mike Simms - Aramco Brats President Kelley McCabe Showing the Youngsters How It's Done Live Music A Fabulous Keyboardist No Space Left on the Dance Floor Just Like the Dances at Aramco Junior High The Fabulous Flabbergasters Marlo Goff ?, ?, Liz Wagner, and Matt Thompson
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