Aramco Brats Reunion - Welcome Reception

Contributed by Aramco ExPats on 1 June 2007

Under: Reunions and Socials
Thomas Hill and His Wife Caroline Homolka Masters, Tim Nielsen, Brenda Tirrell and Karen Fallon Bob Raposo and Eugene Colgan Diane Knipfel-Adams Gets a Refreshment Bob (Kim) Carr and Carolyn Davis Brats Gather By The Pool Todd Nims Joe Camp, Annie Cobetto, and Chris Martin Liz Wagner Liz Wagner, David Elliott, and Matt Thompson A Spurs Fan Goes For a Refill Troy, Kristina Aberle, and David Jessich Brats of All Ages Judy and Jack Chittick Amelia Knight Sutton-Gonzales Gives Announcements Buffet (Courtesy of ASC) Tres Hundertmark, Tim Nielsen, and Tom Tirrell Rose Mowbray, John F. Mowbray, Mr. Mowbray, and Karen Morrow Angus Perkerson, Jim Perkerson, and Matt Thompson Hans Stockenerger and Jim Perkerson Todd Nims and Marlo Goff Alexa Bartee Alexa Bartee, Julia Nebrija, Annie Cobetto and Nadia Badawi
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