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Albert College

Albert College is an international university preparatory school committed to academic excellence and recognized for developing courageous global citizens within a close family environment. The College is Canada's oldest, independent, co-educational, day and boarding school. With over 150 years of experience and excellence in education, Albert College provides an enriched and engaging curriculum from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 / Post Graduate.

A 'home away from home' to students from Canada and over 20 nations, Albert College offers residency to both male and female students beginning in Grade 7. Our mission at Albert is to inspire excellence in the 5 'A's: Academics, Arts, Athletics, Active Citizenship and Adventure through commitment to:

Educating - Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12 students from Canada and around the world
Inspiring - students to become leaders of character through pursuit of the 5 A's
Supporting - faculty and staff in the mastery of their professions and in the pursuit of teaching excellence
Creating - a dynamic culture of learning supported by innovative technology and infrastructure
Honouring - our past while preparing our students for their future

Our vision and mission combined with a close, family environment and diverse student body make Albert College a smart choice for families looking for a Canadian independent private school.

Albert College


Albert College lies only two hours east from Toronto, Ontario in the thriving and beautiful community of Belleville. The 25-acre campus is a secure, safe and peaceful setting for boarding school, and summer school studies. There are two main buildings located on campus, the Junior School and the Middle/Senior School. The Senior School is a historic gothic style building that was built in 1923. There are plenty of large trees and outdoor areas to relax, read, study or play games. For those who like to walk, jog, or bike, a large waterfront park is located just minutes from the College on the beautiful Bay of Quinte.

Albert College

Albert College offers its students many different resources and modern facilities including: Midi Music, MAC and PC Computer Labs; a resource center and library with 14,000 volumes; wireless internet access in all classrooms and residences; classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards™; an indoor swimming pool, two squash courts, full service gymnasium and a fitness room (at Albert College as well as the girls' residence); outdoor tennis courts, a number of different sports fields and an outdoor quad with picnic tables; and a common room lounge with a big screen television.

Albert College

Memorial Chapel

Albert's Memorial Chapel is located at the centre of the school. Faculty and students begin their day here with an assembly. On certain days, this 15-minute gathering will include announcements relating to school events and it also features prefect skits and thematic presentations. Each Wednesday morning, there is a more formal Chapel Service of approximately 30 minutes when students are expected to wear their dress one uniform. More formal services are also conducted in November (Remembrance Day), at Christmas, Easter and at Convocation. Although the heritage of our chapel worship is Christian in nature, great care is taken to honour all religious traditions. Guest speakers and faculty share knowledge of these traditions with the entire school community in the chapel setting. These Wednesday services also include presentations that raise awareness about important issues in the community and globally.

Albert College

Ackerman Hall

Meal times at Albert College are always an opportunity to sit, enjoy food, friends and family. One of Albert's many fine features is its beautiful dining room, Ackerman Hall. This great hall has seen many students from all cultures dine within its majestic walls. The flags are symbols of the many countries represented in our international community. Albert owns its food service and offers cafeteria-style breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as morning and afternoon snacks. It offers high quality, fresh, homemade, wholesome meals seven days a week. A full array of choices includes a salad bar at every meal and fresh baked goods. The menu is planned with consideration being given to the students' dietary preferences and restrictions, with menu choices including soups, pasta dishes, vegetarian selections and ethnic dishes being some of the favorites. Ackerman Hall is fortunate to have a dedicated staff with years of experience to provide a happy, healthy environment for students.

Albert College

Health Centre

At Albert College students have access to two health centres on campus. The main Health Centre is located in the main school building and is accessible to both male and female students. An additional Health Centre is located in the female residence at Victoria Manor. Both are equipped with hospital beds and examination facilities to accommodate health-related issues.

A nurse is available on a 24-hour basis. Doctors come to Albert College to hold clinics twice a week. They have access to numerous medical and paramedical facilities close to the school. The nurses are able to efficiently arrange referrals to specialists, dentists, orthodontists or counseling services.

The Guild Shop

The Guild Shop sells all College uniform items and College sports clothes, as well as a variety of College souvenirs and memorabilia and sundry items such as snacks and stationary. It is located on the lower floor of Graham Hall. The proceeds from Guild Shop sales are donated directly back Albert College and are utilized for a variety of enhancements, which benefit all students.

Albert College

Albert's 5 'A's

With over 150 years of experience and excellence in education, Albert College provides an enriched and engaging curriculum. With an average class size of 14 students, Albert College is a small school where everyone knows your name and students get the attention they need and deserve. At Albert, students embrace Albert's 5 'A's - Academics, Arts, Athletics, Active Citizenship and Adventure as part of their post-secondary preparation.


Albert College offers a diverse academic program. The curriculum meets or exceeds the standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training and is delivered by passionate, qualified teachers many of whom hold specialist qualifications and Master's degrees. Through extensive counseling and unique course offerings, we strive to develop an academic program suited to each student, one that will enable students to achieve their post-secondary goals.

Albert College

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) gives students a head start at university. They are given the opportunity to focus on areas of study that most interest them and become familiar with university-level material. This exposure eases the transition to post-secondary studies. Advanced Placement preparation is offered as enrichment to the standard secondary school curriculum. Students are instructed and/or guided throughout the year to prepare for the AP external exams written in May each year. The curriculum and exams are prepared by the College Board and the exams are marked by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Students who excel may receive credit or advanced standing in corresponding courses at many universities in Canada and the U.S. In fact, post-secondary institutions in over 30 countries recognize AP in their admissions processes.

Advisor System

The Advisor System connects each student with an academic advisor. This faculty member acts as the primary contact person for parents and that student. In addition to regular daily contact, advisors will meet with their advisees when one-on-one counseling is required.

Albert College

Post Graduate (PG) Year

The Ontario curriculum is designed so that students complete their diploma requirements in four years. While this may be the route many students choose, some may find that four years limits their secondary school experience and so they may be better suited to completing a fifth or Post Graduate (PG) year.

Why would I choose to do a Post Graduate year?

  1. Broadening Course Choices and University Options
    A Post Graduate year will allow you to take a broader range of courses. If you are not sure of your career direction, you can take courses in several different streams if you have more time to complete your diploma requirements.
  2. Enrichment Opportunities
    Albert College promotes a well-rounded education that includes Arts, Athletics, Active Citizenship and Adventure. A Post Graduate year will allow you to explore one or more of these areas in depth as you complete your academic courses. You may also want to participate in academic enrichment such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses and the Post Graduate year will facilitate this choice.
  3. English Language Development
    If English is your second language, you may need a longer period of time to develop your communication skills. With greater demands being placed on ESL students in terms of university admissions, a Post Graduate year will give you the time and possibly a lighter course load to become competent in your use of the English language.
Albert College


Each term there is a wide range of athletic opportunities. Some are competitive, some developmental and some simply recreational. Boys' sports include soccer, rugby, volleyball, basketball, swimming, racquet sports, track and field, fitness and cross-country. Girls can participate in soccer, basketball, volleyball, field lacrosse, field hockey, swimming, track and field, fitness and cross-country. The athletes in our school are fortunate in having fine facilities, excellent coaches, and opportunities to play both against teams from the Conference of Independent Schools (CIS) and those in our local public association, the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board.

As a member of the CIS our main competition lies with other members of our athletic association. Our travels take us west to Nicholls in Buffalo and to Rosseau Lake College to the north. In between lie many other private schools, so there is no lack of competition.

Albert College

We take great pride in hosting our opponents and Albert is proud of its sportsmanship. Our athletes are coached by a dedicated group of staff members that are highly certified in their respective sports and seemingly tireless in their enthusiasm. Albert College staff and faculty enjoy providing students with opportunities to try out and refine known skills, and to develop the courage to embrace the unknown. The philosophy of a healthy lifestyle and of the development of the whole person is the cornerstone of all our activities.

Albert College


Albert College prides itself on having an extensive arts program including theatre, visual art, instrumental music and vocal music. A wide variety of activities are offered - wind ensemble, choir, dance and painting- to name a few. Many students enter Albert College with no artistic history or ambition and by the time they graduate, students discover their artistic abilities. From reading music and singing solos to acting in the school play, students learn a great deal about themselves through the arts while gaining self-confidence.

Albert College

Albert College hosts many arts events and performances every year to showcase and celebrate our students' many artistic talents. From Autumn Arts to the Senior School drama production, arts exhibit and Christmas Carol Service, these arts events showcase the extensive arts program that exists at Albert. Many of these events have been a part of Albert College for generations. In fact, it is likely that the Christmas Carol Service has been celebrated every year since the school was founded in 1857.

Albert College

Each arts program also offers unique experiences to students who prove to be especially skilled. For example, students involved in Albert's music program have the opportunity to audition for the Conference of Independent Schools' Music Festival (CISMF). Those chosen will perform in Toronto with top music students from across Canada. Albert College Drama students are able to perform at an event known as the Conference of Independent Schools' Drama Festival (CISDF). At this venue students have the opportunity to take plays from a variety of genres to a hosting school and participate in professional workshops. They also receive an adjudication of their production. The Visual Arts program at Albert offers students the opportunity to display their art at several local art exhibits and festivals. Gallery trips to Toronto and Montréal also provide students an opportunity to experience works from around the world.

Albert College

The Arts Period Program

Albert College offers a unique Arts Period built into the academic schedule. Three times a week all students participate in artistic classes. Creating a timetable that includes an art period allows students to rehearse without conflict and provides time for them to participate in other after-school co-curricular activities. We believe that arts are essential to the development of well-rounded students and the design of this program encompasses the entire school body.

Albert College

Active Citizenship

Our vision at Albert College is to develop courageous global citizens. Encouraging students to be involved and participate in a variety of Active Citizenship initiatives provides experience volunteering for a variety of local, national and international causes. Students are recognized and encouraged for their participation in many community service initiatives. With so many ways to get involved, students are reaching a remarkable number of volunteer hours before they graduate. We have recently recognized several students who have accumulated over 300 hours of community service.

Albert College

In Belleville, there are plenty of opportunities for the students to be involved, including the Terry Fox run where students walk, run, jog and bike through Belleville to raise money for cancer research. Big Brothers and Big Sisters offers Albert students a chance to pair up with a child from the local community to spend some quality time together.

Albert College assists various national and international agencies requiring fundraising such as the Canadian Cancer Society, the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the 30 Hour Famine. Each year, students have the opportunity to participate in the international Active Citizenship Trip during March break.

Albert College


Adventure is unique within the Independent Schools. Adventure trips and experiences at Albert give students the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, challenge themselves in areas of uncertainty, develop leadership and teamwork skills and create friendships. Albert is constantly changing adventure trips as the need for personal exploration and leadership develops within the student body.

Albert College

Orientation Camp

Orientation Camp is an Albert tradition dating back to 1973 and is a highlight for students each September. Before classes begin, students and faculty spend a few days enjoying the Canadian outdoors together. During the day, students choose from a variety of activities including kayaking, canoeing, sailing, various sports and games, rock climbing, and hiking. In the evenings, everyone gathers around the campfire for skits and songs. Orientation Camp provides a relaxed environment that encourages interaction and cooperation and supports a strong sense of community. Camp is excellent opportunity to meet other students and spend time with teachers outside the classroom.

Albert College

Duke of Edinburgh Trips

A program focusing on individual development, personal achievement and self-challenge, the Duke of Edinburgh program is available to anyone between the ages of 14 and 25. As students work towards the levels in the program, they have the opportunity to organize and participate in a variety of expeditions including canoe trips, outdoor camping, dogsledding, snowshoeing and hiking.


Albert College has been called home by many generations of students, both boarding and day. The students and staff at Albert will soon become your extended family. Albert College offers residency to both male and female students from Grades 7 to 12 / Post Graduate. A 'home away from home' to students from across the world, Albert College provides its students with the unique opportunity to learn and understand about other cultures.

Study hall is two hours (from 7 to 9 p.m.) every weeknight except Fridays. A faculty member and a residential staff member who assist each student with their homework supervise students during study hall. Our alumni report that the hours from 7 to 9 p.m. are now permanent study times for them even now at university and they thank the routine of study hall for this.

The residential lifestyle offers many opportunities for boarding students to become leaders among their peers. The flat senior program is specifically designed to develop leadership skills in young students. Flat seniors assist residential staff in numerous activities, from social events to study hall sign-ins. Day and residential prefects, members of a team of graduate students elected by the school, also provide leadership and support to the student body.

The residential teams are also available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to provide support, friendship, and guidance. In addition, a registered nurse is also available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to facilitate all health concerns. We treat our community of boarders as an extended family that studies, learns, works, plays and grows together. We look forward to welcoming you to our home!

Albert College

Graham Hall and Baker House

Graham Hall and Baker House boys' residences are home to all boarding male students. Located on the main campus, boys enjoy the many amenities of living on campus. Albert College has a full service gymnasium complete with two squash courts and a fitness center, which is located on the lower level of Graham Hall. Both residences have their own washrooms and showers as well as a common room with a microwave. Each common room is equipped with a television, DVD player and gaming equipment. The boys often enjoy gathering in the common room, after study hall of course, to watch their favourite teams or to play a video game together.

Albert College

Victoria Manor

Victoria Manor is home to all boarding female students. Victoria Manor is located just off campus on Highland Avenue, a short two-minute walk from the main campus. The girls enjoy their own fitness center at Victoria Manor as well as a full service kitchen where they often cook authentic dishes or cookies with friends. The girls enjoy a number of common spaces; a TV/recreation room, dining and study room and a living room, as well as lots of outdoor green space.

Albert College

Guidance Counselling and Post-Secondary Placement

Applying to post-secondary schools can be intimidating for many students. Knowing which schools are going to be a good fit can also be a hard decision to make. Our Guidance Department is committed to ensuring that our students feel confident in their post-secondary decisions and making the application process as efficient as possible.

How we help our graduates with their post-secondary goals:

  1. One-on-one guidance and support provided for course selections and post-secondary application and admission procedures in Canada and abroad
  2. Provide updates on application process to parents and student advisors
  3. Group and individual information sessions held prior to and throughout application process.

Students receive direction and assistance with course selection from Grades 10 to 12 with their post-secondary goals in mind. Graduates receive resource materials from post-secondary schools and visits from Ontario and Canadian Universities are arranged. The Guidance Department assists graduates with their post-secondary applications and admission procedures as well as scholarship and bursary applications. The Guidance Department communicates with parents and student advisors over the course of the year to provide updates on the student's post-secondary decisions and application processes.

Over the last five years, Albert College graduates have received an average of five acceptances each from the post-secondary destinations of their choice. Graduates received acceptances from Ontario and Canadian Universities and post-secondary destinations around the world.

Albert College

For more information or to arrange a visit please contact:

Heather Kidd, Director of Admissions
Albert College
160 Dundas Street West
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
K8P 1A6
1-613-968-5726 or 1-800- 952-5237
[email protected]

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