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The UK Boarding School Exhibition
Le Meridien Al Khobar on
Tuesday 27 February from
4 pm to 8 pm.

This is a great opportunity for you to meet Heads and senior leaders from 15 leading UK boarding schools; find out what they have to offer and the many benefits of a UK boarding education.

Receive Free help and advice from our Education Consultants and collect a free copy of the UK Boarding School Directory.

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A UK boarding school education ensures students gain good qualifications, confidence, independence and a breadth of interests - a true education for life!

The environment of a UK Boarding School is motivating, nurturing and caring, and aims to give each child the opportunities to develop their personal talents to the full and achieve their academic potential.

One of the key features of boarding school life is the wide range of activities and experiences, which gives boarders the opportunity to develop skills and interests beyond the academic curriculum. These skills and interests often contribute to career development.

Anderson Education
Anderson Education

At boarding school you are living in a community; you make friends for life, whatever part of the world they come from. Sports and hobbies, dance, drama, music, art, public speaking, aerobics, philosophy, pottery, gymnastics and much more are all on offer at most boarding schools.

Life in a boarding school is excellent preparation for university and employment as it provides many of the non-academic skills that employers are looking for. You are encouraged to participate in team events and there are opportunities to be elected into position of responsibility, such as Captain of Rugby, Boarding House Captain, Chairman of the Debating Society, school representative and many more.

Every parent wants to provide the best education possible for their children, so that they achieve their potential academically, gain independence and confidence and above all are happy! A British boarding education provides all of this plus lots of opportunities in sport, music, art and drama to develop well rounded young adults prepared for the next step in life.

Your child’s education is the best investment you can make – let us help you with this important decision, today! Complete an Enquiry Form or call us on +44 (0)1474 815450

Your optimism and encouragement have kept us going …..We would like to thank Anderson Education very much for their time and effort and most of all for their exceptional moral support and advice whilst choosing a school for our children. Your optimism and encouragement kept us going and helped us tremendously in putting things into perspective. Words cannot express our gratitude.”

The Role of the Education Consultant

Choosing a boarding school is difficult enough when you live in the UK. When you live overseas, it makes selecting and visiting schools a huge task.

Anderson Education

Anderson Education, UK boarding school specialists, offer FREE impartial advice and guidance to families considering a UK boarding school education. We have been working with local and expat families worldwide for the past 25 years; to find the best school for their child to ensure that they develop and grow and achieve their potential academically in a safe secure environment. We have visited over 350 UK boarding schools and are able to recommend schools for you to consider and help you through the process.

“Anderson Education listened to us, advised us and found a perfect match for our son……thank you very much – we could not have done this without you!

After our initial meeting or telephone conversation with you when we will ask about your child, their academic ability, strengths and interests, whether they need learning or language support, the preferred type of school and location, we will recommend schools to meet the individual needs of the child and the family.

We will arrange for the recommended schools to forward full information to you and/or make contact by email; we will email to you a list of schools that we are recommending for your consideration. We are recommending schools that we have personally visited, to identify their strengths and how they are unique; we are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have after you have had time to look through the information or at the school websites.

“Fantastic service! Anderson Education listened to us, advised us and found a perfect match for our son who has just finished his 3rd year exams with 6 Grade A’s and 5 Grade B’s.” “Thank you very much – we could not have done this without you!

We encourage you to shortlist 3 or 4 schools and if you let us know the dates that you can visit the UK we will arrange your school visit itinerary. It is always useful to have a copy of a recent school report that can be forwarded to the schools that you will be visiting as this will enable the schools to tailor your visit to your child’s age, strengths and interests.

Anderson Education

After the visits, we can arrange for any entrance tests that may be required to be emailed to your child’s current school or a local British Council office. Our unique education service is free and impartial to families and we help you every step of the way until you have accepted an offer at the boarding school of your choice.

Complete our Enquiry Form or call us on +44 (0)1474 815450 today!

Anderson Education are 'supportive, patient and unobtrusive' they really listen to what your child's needs are and match the child to the school perfectly! When we went to see the school, it ticked all our boxes immediately and Robyn went on to achieve a part scholarship for Drama, which of course we were delighted with! Having to deal with your baby going away is really hard, however, we realised we had to be selfless and Anderson Education helped us make one of the biggest and most difficult decisions easier”.

UK Boarding School Exhibitions

Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 February 2024

Le Meridien Al Khobar
Tuesday 27 February 2024

The Fairmont Riyadh
Thursday 29 February 2024

Anderson Education did an excellent job of finding a boarding school for our two daughters aged 14 and 16. Following a brief from ourselves and several phone conversations, Anderson Education immediately understood our requirements in terms of type of school and location. Despite a tight time schedule from us, they sent us a short list of schools that met our criteria and within two weeks we were on a tour around Britain to visit the schools. Following an intensive week of visits, we were able to choose an excellent school that met our requirements in every way”.

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