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BISA Dormitory | Bahrain School

Dormitory Philosophy

Our aim is to provide a safe, happy and harmonious home-away-from-home, where students can develop both academically and personally. We are a co-ed facility that accept students from the ages of 11-18 years old, serving Middle and High School students. Spacious and attractively decorated, the Dormitory combines basic necessities with modern conveniences. Boys and girls live in separate wings on both sides of the main reception area, and each wing has its own comfortable lounge, well-supplied kitchen area and laundry rooms.

At the Bahrain School Dormitory we aim to make all our students feel happy, secure, confident and are cared for by professional staff. This is achieved by:

  • offering the opportunity for an appropriate work/life balance;
  • encouraging students to fully achieve their academic potential;
  • providing off-campus opportunities for personal development, adventure, sharing and enjoyment whilst living in Bahrain;
  • access to the required facilities for independent study and recreation;
  • Individuals are encouraged to be accountable and guided to make appropriate decisions by accepting the consequence of their actions;
  • encouraging self-discipline, self-respect and respect for others;
  • maintaining regular, effective communication with boarders’ families;
  • promoting an open and trusting ethos within the dormitory;
  • enhancing boarders’ confidence and independence as young learners, thereby providing skills for their lives beyond school
BISA Dormitory | Bahrain School

The Boarding Family

A dedicated team of staff care for the boarders, fostering a mutually supportive family atmosphere. In the dormitory, the team is led by the Dormitory director and assisted by house parents, nurses, administrators, drivers and housekeeping staff.

The dormitory has three villas attached to the building to accommodate the Director and some of the house parents and their families, whilst some house parents live off-campus nearby. House parents are allocated to specific counsel groups/year groups relevant to their background and experience.

Two qualified nurses provide 24-hour nursing care. We can care for students with most medical conditions with basic and prescribed medicine. We also work closely with the American Mission Hospital for any extra care that may be needed or given.

BISA Dormitory | Bahrain School

Structure of Dormitory Building

Our dormitory students are accommodated in one building with separate wings for both boys and girls. Each wing has a communal kitchen, laundry rooms and lounges. As well as a co-ed lounge located in the main building there is also a recreation room and area located a few steps away which has several TV’s and couches as well as a pool table and foosball table; outside we have a volley ball court, picnic benches and a basketball hoop- both indoor and outdoor areas provide a great place for the students to socialise and play games.

BISA Dormitory | Bahrain School

Safety and Security

Security is provided by the US Navy security team, and all gates to the campus are manned 24/7. The dormitory building doors are locked every night and every dormitory student is provided with an individual key to keep their rooms secure, all students are also encouraged to keep any valuables in their room lockboxes or alternatively in the office safe. All common areas that are not on the individual wings are monitored by CCTV to ensure everyone’s safety. There are two registered nurses on staff, both of whom live on campus and are available to the students 24 hours per day. The school has excellent relations with American Mission Hospital and it is often used by both students and staff whenever needed.

BISA Dormitory | Bahrain School
BISA Dormitory | Bahrain School


Routine and knowing what to expect every day is an important scaffold for our young people. We promote daily routines including twice-daily roll calls (at study and bed time), dormitory briefings, allocated study time, and age-appropriate bed-times.

BISA Dormitory | Bahrain School
BISA Dormitory | Bahrain School

Trips and Activities

Campus facilities for physical and sporting activities are exceptional, and in addition to the school activity programmes, house parents supervise on and off-campus activities for boarding students.

There is a scheduled programme of supervised off-campus trips, such as go karting, water park, dance, horse riding, beach, laser-tag, bowling and cultural trips, as well as outings to the cinema, restaurants, and shopping malls. And that’s just to name a few!

BISA Dormitory | Bahrain School

Special Events

The dormitory community comes together for special events, most notably the annual Dormitory Dinner, but we also celebrate Halloween, Valentine’s Day, the festive holiday season and students’ birthdays. With parental approval, dormitory students are welcome to take weekend leave or after school trips to visit friends or family and can invite friends from the school community to visit the dormitory.


Although we are a 7-day boarding facility, we provide weekly transport to and from Bahrain to the eastern province of Saudi Arabia on the weekends for those students that would like to spend their weekends at home with their parents.

BISA Dormitory | Bahrain School

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