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Brandon Hall School
Brandon Hall School

Our Mission

Brandon Hall's mission as a co-educational, global boarding and day school challenges students in grades 6 to 12 to lead lives of leadership, scholarship, and service. Our community celebrates learning, fosters global citizenship, embraces diversity, encourages athleticism and artistic expression, and inspires students to find their path and lead the way.

Brandon Hall School

The Brandon Hall Difference

An average class size of 8:1 ensures that students are fully engaged learners and receive an education that fits their unique learning needs. Our diverse community comprises 22 countries and 10 states. We work closely with our senior class to ensure that all students are accepted to college upon graduation. Brandon Hall students have regular opportunities to serve local and international communities through our extensive partnerships and community service program.

Our boarding students live and learn in a connected, caring community that prioritizes academic, personal, and social-emotional development. Every boarder benefits from our structured and organized program that teaches accountability, character, study habits, and essential life skills.

Brandon Hall School

The Academic Experience

Our teachers are highly qualified educators who are committed to providing our students many opportunities to learn. They are in constant communication with parents through monthly email communication and weekly gradebook updates. Communication is vital and plays an integral role in each student’s success. We encourage parents to contact us if/when the need arises.

Brandon Hall academics are constantly evolving. Brandon Hall has long offered regular, honors, and Advanced Placement courses. We are adding the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to our course offerings beginning with the class of 2022. The program will be just one more option for Brandon Hall students to choose as they find their path and lead the way.

We recognize that knowledge has become relatively ubiquitous and significantly less expensive in its accessibility, and we acknowledge the shift from memorization to knowledge application across disciplines in terms of what is needed and rewarded in the modern international society. We also understand that essential learning factors such as brain development and motivational techniques have and will continue to evolve.

For these reasons, we purposefully integrate 21st century learning skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking into our educational program objectives. The combination of mastering academic concepts and enhanced non-cognitive skills are necessary for admission to and success in college and the international marketplace.

Brandon Hall School

Our Boarding Program

Our boarding community is enriched by its international diversity. Our boarders benefit from the healthy, robust, and honest exchange of ideas and perspectives. We live and learn together through helping, guiding, and nurturing each student as he or she pursues academic, athletic, arts, social, and life long goals.

Brandon Hall’s residential community aims to cultivate and grow engaged, healthy, community-oriented, astute international citizens. Through a growth mindset culture, we provide daily opportunities for every child to navigate and practice the life, intercultural, and social skills necessary to be a thriving and inspired member of the world in which they live.

At Brandon Hall, education outside of the classroom is just as critical as education inside the classroom. When classes end campus comes alive with after school activities including sports, clubs, and community service. At Brandon Hall, there is something for every student! Students are encouraged to explore new interests outside of their comfort zone and offer ideas for organizations they would like to see offered.

Each weekend, activities are offered to students that may include trips to local malls, restaurants, museums, movies, Six Flags, festivals, and beautiful outdoor recreation spaces. The weekend is also a time to enjoy on-campus activities that may include open gym where students can play sports and exercise, game nights, and movie night on our big screen.

Brandon Hall School

Our Summer Programs

At Brandon Hall, summer is not a respite from the activity of the academic year. In truth, we are bursting with life, student energy, and living our mission to inspire students to live lives of leadership, scholarship, and service. Our program offerings are varied and our summer sessions bring hundreds of students to our campus for one-of-kind learning experiences.

Our Center for Global Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurial Studies offers multiple sessions of collaborative work and attracts the most innovative youth minds from every corner of the world. These student cohorts bring their ideas, spirit, and energy to take their unique perspectives to propose meaningful solutions to the challenges that face our communities, countries, and the world.

In addition, we offer an array of programs for students to experience U.S. culture, improve their English language skills, and get ahead academically. Our summer online offerings provide students opportunities to engage with academic subjects in new ways.

Brandon Hall School

Our Location

Brandon Hall School is located on a spectacular site in the Sandy Springs neighborhood of North Atlanta - 24 wooded acres overlooking the Chattahoochee River. Students have the dual advantage of a suburban home and the thriving cultural and urban life of Atlanta.

The school’s proximity to I-285, I-85, GA 400, and Marta (Atlanta’s public transportation system) makes it easily accessible from most areas of Metro Atlanta. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest airport, also makes the school convenient for both domestic and international boarding students. The Peachtree-DeKalb Airport’s proximity is also ideal for parents who have personal aircraft.

Brandon Hall School


“My son attended Brandon Hall for 8 years. The small class size is what originally brought my family to Brandon Hall. When my son began at Brandon Hall School, he lacked self-confidence. He was encouraged to ask questions during class and learned how to advocate for himself. Although my son was a day student, many of his friends were boarding students. I was very impressed with the way the boarding students and day students are integrated into one Brandon Hall Community. He would participate in weekend and other events with the boarding students. Thanks to his experience at Brandon Hall, my son has friends from all around the world. He participated in one of the trips abroad to India and gained a lot of insights. Brandon Hall shows our children that we really are one world. Being a part of all that is Brandon Hall School has made my son the leader he is today.”

“The Very first time you drive up Brandon Hall Drive you realize very quickly that you are in a very special place. Quietly tucked away on the side of a hill this unassuming school has been a jewel in our children’s education and a formidable force is shaping them into the fine young men they are today. As boarders at BHS, both boys have learned the value of self sufficiency all while being well supervised and mentored by the staff and instructors. The education they have received because of the student to teacher ratio is like nothing we have experienced before. The level of attention and care given to our boys has been not only a gift but something they will cherish through the rest of their lives. We are so proud of our boys, of the school, the instructors and staff and couldn’t imagine a better school for our family.”

“It might be cliche, but honestly the teachers and my close friends are what make Brandon Hall exceptional and unforgettable for me as a senior! I began in my Freshman year four years ago about three weeks after classes had begun, so I was late in meeting everyone. Instead of that being scary, I quickly learned that this ENTIRE community wanted me to grow and succeed. I took every chance I could to meet with teachers at office hours. This is something students should never take for granted while here. Teachers, administrators, dorm parents, and coaches all care and they show it not by words but by actions small and large! The way Brandon Hall approaches learning helped push me to take risks, and transformed a timid unsure person into a leader.”

“Brandon Hall truly values leadership, ethics and community service for all of its students and is an incredible partner in volunteerism! As a nonprofit agency, we are consistently impressed by the students and staff and their commitment to engaging with, helping and learning about others in a thoughtful way.”

Brandon Hall School

1701 Brandon Hall Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30350
Phone: 770-394-8177

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