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Arriving in Dhahran in 1977, I was personally aware of the delights of travel in South America and Europe (as well as being an avid armchair traveler) but I could not have imagined the joys that awaited me in discovering the Middle East and neighboring regions. It was thrilling to meet so many others who could introduce me to new travel experiences. It was amazing to watch them and to learn how to get the most from my travels. During the 18 years I was in Dhahran, those pleasures continued to grow. With friends, The Existential Traveller was created to share our discoveries and learning experiences with others. Join us to share the joys of travel.

~Linda Johnson, Casablanca, Morocco

Magical Morocco

June 3 – 17, 2022

The Existential Traveller

Few countries offer the stark contrasts in nature, cultures and beauty of Morocco From the majestic Atlantic Ocean to the ethereal mystery of the Sahara to the incomparable Mediterranean Sea, Morocco has it all. Fertile plains adjoin the beauty of the empty Sahara. The Atlantic coastline joins the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. As you journey through the great Roman and Islamic cities, the European beauty of Casablanca with its fusion of architecture and decor, the remote kasbahs and ksour, we travel through Morocco’s 6,000 years of archaeology, art and architecture and its 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. including the Medina at Fes, exotic Marakech, Jaama el Fna, Ksar Ait Ben Haddou, The Historic City of Meknes.

You will absorb the rich cultural heritage and fascinating traditions forged from the Amazigh, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Portuguese, French and Spanish, all of whom have called this country home. Your extensive tour touches all aspects of Moroccan history and culture and the influences each exerted on present day life. You will also enjoy many other aspects of this enchanting country, including vibrant modern cities, desert dunes, awe-inspiring canyons and waterfalls, beautiful handicrafts. lively bazaars and everywhere, superb Moroccan cuisine and most important hospitable people to welcome all travelers.

2022 is the year for Morocco. Arts, Food, Cultures, Music, Dance, Nature’s Glory.

All here —- in Morocco.

$3150 p/p sharing SS $1650. Optional extension to Dhalka available on request.

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Treasures of Turkey

June 2022  and October 2022

The Existential Traveller

Join us on our extraordinary hosted journey through Turkey, a fascinating country steeped in culture and history. Explore the natural beauty of diverse landscapes, from mountains to sea, including our private gullet cruise. Absorb the splendor of ancient civilizations, and arts and music, ancient and modern. Feast on the incredible Turkish food; enjoy the delightful Turkish wines. And of course incomparable Istanbul, one of the great cities of the world. Your journey begins here!

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21-day Classic Tour of Central Asia

May 1 – 22, 2022

The Existential Traveller

Ready to explore? A long time Aramcon favorite still beckons after centuries of treks by explorers, poets, and authors. The ancient Silk Road through Central Asia to Europe has much to offer experiential travelers.

Glorious natural beauty, ancient classical cultures, artisans, bustling modern cities, hospitable people. Hosted comprehensive tour 22 days in May 2022 or individually designed tours anytime! Join us! Your journey begins here.

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Additional travel opportunities:


In addition to the best of Morocco and other destinations for discerning travellers, the Existential Traveller offers a different sort of travel opportunity in voluntourism. Enjoy a fantastic Moroccan holiday as an English language facilitator with highly motivated students. Spend a minimum of two weeks with the locally-owned school and enjoy a third week touring the country focusing on your specific interests. Short working hours, private accommodations, Fridays off, and more.

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