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The Leelanau School

The Leelanau School is an intentionally small college prep boarding and day school for 9-12th graders on the shores of Lake Michigan. Our school is staffed by a skilled and supportive community of educators, who educate in the classroom and in all aspects of campus life. Our extraordinary natural environment allows students to explore nature, friendships, and their whole self in a safe setting where they develop a sense of belonging to one another and to the community.

We strive to identify all aspects of each student’s unique learning profile to build strategies which meet their educational development and personal growth.

How? By using project-based, experiential, strength and strategy-based curriculum in small classes, which makes rigorous academics attainable. Our teaching strategies are ideally suited for students with ADHD and executive functioning or processing challenges, as well as any student seeking a place where they feel understood, encouraged, and where “aha” moments become routine.

Our life-skills program gives students a distinct advantage in maturity as they transition to college and beyond. Leelanau students find their confidence soars as they practice accountability, take healthy risks, and learn resilience and leadership. 100% of Leelanau students gain acceptance into highly regarded colleges and universities and our college advisor works closely with each student to identify the best fitting schools. Alumni include a diverse population of creative problem solvers, entrepreneurs, artists, business owners, scientists, and educators.


Academics at The Leelanau School go beyond “hands-on” learning. We engage the senses in learning to include kinesthetic, visual, and verbal learning. Through our methods, students are immersed in the learning experience. By experiencing learning, they will have a depth of understanding that far surpasses what is only read about. As with all experiential learning, we ask students to analyze what they have learned and to apply their knowledge to new experiences.

The Leelanau School
The Leelanau School

The Learning Commons

The Learning Commons builds upon our mission of igniting a passion for learning through academic engagement and the celebration of everyone’s unique way of learning, by providing a nurturing and supportive learning environment.  Students use resources to bridge personal gaps, which helps them succeed with our college preparatory curriculum. Upon discovery of their personal learning profile, they will become a fluent self-advocate in preparation for college, while continuing to practice relevant, advanced academic skills to prepare for the demands of senior year, and beyond.

College Counseling

The comprehensive college counseling program focuses on increasing personal awareness, identifying skills and knowledge, understanding possible career matches, and making best-fit post high school choices. 100% of students are accepted to highly regarding colleges and universities.

The Arts

At The Leelanau School, creativity is encouraged and students are welcome to explore each arts discipline. They don’t have to come in with talent, we will help them discover and develop their talents.

The Leelanau School
The Leelanau School

Student Activities

Our Student Activities programs are designed around student and teacher interests. The clubs gather in the evenings and weekends. We encourage student interests and leadership opportunities and we invite students to share their passions with their classmates.

Some student activities include:

Horseback Riding, Skiing, Snowboarding, Kayaking, Biking, Hiking, Rugby, Tennis, Boxing, Hunter Safety, “Cone & Acorn” Writing Club, National Honor Society, Mythology Club, Political Clubs, Student Council, Volleyball, Watercolor Painting Club, Field Sports, and Yoga

The Leelanau School
The Leelanau School

Student Clubs

A Coordinator of Student Activities works with our Student Activities Board to generate ideas and a monthly schedule of weekend activities. Weekend activities are varied, encouraging students to get out,  explore, and try new things with their friends. Academic faculty and administrators serve as drivers and chaperones for off-campus trips.

Some weekend activities include:

Town trips to Traverse City, Thrifting, Dune Hikes, Laser Tag, Movies, Plays and Musicals, Concerts, Fishing, Skate Parks, Skiing and Snowboarding, Ice Skating, and Horseback Riding.

The Leelanau School

Health and Wellness

The Leelanau School encourages students to develop healthy lifestyles with:

  • Morning Energize: 30 minutes of active fun before the rigors of the day, including yoga, walking, juggling, and group games.
  • Open Gym: The gym and weight rooms are open nights and weekends.
  • The Greenhouse: Our gardens and greenhouse provide a hands-on environment for students to understand where food comes from and how it grows. A variety of organic herbs, vegetables, and flowers for the school are grown on campus. In Greenhouse Class students go even deeper into food systems and sustainability.
  • Composting: We compost 100% of our kitchen waste and also have composting campus-wide.
  • Giving back: Blood drives, beach clean-up, Piping Plover protection project, Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser, adopting a family, toy and food drives, and performing.

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The Leelanau School

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