Presentation Topics & Materials

The Speaker's Bureau will be temporarily closed. This change is the result of procedural issues related to a new contract currently being finalized between our two sides. Technically, until that contract has been completed and signed, we are constrained from providing Saudi Aramco with many of the services they and our readers have long enjoyed.

For the past half year, we have continued our full support at our own expense and without compensation. There is nothing more we can do. We must wait for the contract department to complete their work. They promise that it will be soon.

We have received strong assurances from management that a contract has been approved. Based on a recent directive from the PRD contract advisor in Dhahran, however, we cannot continue to provide services absent a signed contract.


Below is our comprehensive teaching curriculum for anyone interested in teaching others about the culture, geography, history and life in Saudi Arabia. The teaching curriculum consists of 5 Parts appropriate for an adult audience followed by additional resources that may be adapted for the K-12 audience and community groups.