Air Crash Obituaries ( Part - 2)

Deceased: 18 April 1964

Under: Obituary

The extensive search for victims of the tragic crash of Middle East Airlines Flight 444 was carried on almost continuously day and night, by land, sea and air.

Before his departure on an urgent business trip to the United States, Mr. Barger stated that he wished to express his personal and most sincere thanks for the efforts each individual so generously contributed to the search for victims.

Hundreds took part- employees, British and American service personnel, Saudi officials, Coast Guard, military and police units and other volunteers in the Gulf area. In this emergency, the efforts of many were exhausting, heroic; often they went far beyond the call of duty.

To all who participated, Aramco and its communities are thankful and deeply grateful.

D. J. Sullivan

Captions under the photographs]

An early arrival, at the scene of the crash was the Royal Air Force Air-Sea Rescue Cutter 2751, from Bahrain (top photograph). An Aramco tug stands off in background.

Tension shows on faces of recovery team aboard Aramco launch Ma'agla 5, awaiting word from below. Professional divers and amateur Scuba divers both played vital roles in the recovery operation on the Gulf.

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