Hats Off to the Ghutrah

By Aramco ExPats / 15 August 2018

“Clothes make the man,” is an oft-heard expression that’s provided the title to numerous short stories from various authors from different countries around the world over the years. Based on the cultural history of Arabia, perhaps that declarative sentence should be modified to read...

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  • Mahboob Mohamed Looks Back on 34 Years of Service

    Mahboob Mohamed Looks Back on 34 Years of Service

    By The Arabian Sun / 15 August 2018

    Dhahran — After 34 years with Saudi Aramco, Mahboob Mohamed is bidding farewell to the company. Mahboob joined Saudi Aramco’s IT User Services in 1984. One year later, he moved to the Maintenance Systems Group as a business systems analyst in the Maintenance Resources Planning Department, where he provided corporate maintenance system support to all operating plants companywide.

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  • Wonder Reef

    Wonder Reef

    By Tim Barger / 15 August 2018

    It was the summer of 1964. Smith and I were 17, working as apprentice divers for the freshly established Al Gossaibi Diving Services, the brain child of the legendary Dee McVey. Dee had been the lead diver and manager of undersea operations for all of Bechtel’s offshore projects since the mid-fifties.

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