Peter Sanders’ Exhibition: “Searching for Light”

By Leslie Craigmyle / 21 February 2024

Peter Sanders’ exhibition, “Searching for Light,” recently opened at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) in Dhahran. I was fortunate enough to attend the opening and hear what Sanders, the leading photographer of the Muslim world, had to say about the work in his first retrospective in Saudi Arabia.

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  • Reunions Feel A Lot Like Coming Home

    Reunions Feel A Lot Like Coming Home

    By Karen Fallon / 21 February 2024

    No two people have the same opinion about attending Saudi Aramco reunions so it’s hard to put into words what people feel like when they attend. The time that we all spent in Arabia is special and unique, unique to us. If you’ve never attended a reunion, you cannot know the feeling that comes over people as they begin to see friends or just others milling around wearing name tags.

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  • Sharing our History: Aramco Launches Memorabilia Campaign

    Sharing our History: Aramco Launches Memorabilia Campaign

    By The Arabian Sun / 21 February 2024

    This year, Aramco is launching a campaign, seeking donations of company related assets from current and former employees. These donations could include old photographs, medals, documents, or equipment, and will form part of the collections maintained by the company’s central corporate archive, the Aramco Archive & Records Center.

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