Driver, Take Me to Half Moon Bay!

By Aramco ExPats / 23 May 2018

According to the 21 May 1958 issue of the Arabian Sun and Flare—published exactly 60 years ago this week!—if you were living in Dhahran at the time and wanted to visit Half Moon Bay 14 or so miles (23 kilometers) to the south by taxi, a one-way ride there would have cost you 12 SAR ...

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  • Another Chapter in Board of Directors History

    Another Chapter in Board of Directors History

    By The Arabian Sun / 23 May 2018

    Dhahran — Last week, HE Khalid A. Al Falih, Chairman of the Saudi Aramco Board of Directors, announced the appointment of five new members to the Board. The new directors are HE Mohammed A. Al-Jadaan, HE Mohammed M. Al-Tuwaijri, Peter L. Cella, Lynn Laverty Elsenhans, and Andrew N. Liveris (the appointment of Liveris is effective July 1, 2018.)

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  • Arabian Return Chapter XLV: Fi Amanellah

    Arabian Return Chapter XLV: Fi Amanellah

    By Colleen Wilson / 21 May 2018

    The next morning, Wednesday, July 26th, 1978, my 50th birthday, Keith Kaul drove me to the Dhahran Airport on the new divided highway that had just opened recently. The sand dunes along the way all looked so undisturbed and pretty. I tried to relish as much of the old, familiar desert look of Arabia as I could as we drove along, with my eyes and my camera.

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