Desert Designs - Celebrating 30 Years of Distinctive Saudi Design

By Mark Lowey / 14 April 2021

In this piece, Mark Lowey chronicles the story of Desert Designs and its founders, Qamar Ahmed and Farid Bukhari, who own the unique, family-run interior design studio, home d├ęcor gift shop and art gallery, in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, that is dedicated to Saudi culture and Islamic design.

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  • CEO Ramadan Message

    CEO Ramadan Message

    By The Arabian Sun / 14 April 2021

    Dear colleagues, As we begin the blessed month of Ramadan this year, we are continuing to successfully adapt to new realities. Everyone who is a part of this great company has shown agility, patience, and flexibility during this time. And all of us are contributing to a vital purpose...

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  • Help Hali Conquer Cancer - Organized by Gary Bain

    Help Hali Conquer Cancer - Organized by Gary Bain

    By Aramco ExPats / 14 April 2021

    Gary Bain, retired manager of Aramco aviation, is managing a GoFundMe page for his granddaughter Hali who is fighting cancer. Hali urgently needs help with medical bills, including treatments, surgeries, and hospital stays as well as living expenses.

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