Have You Ever Heard of Buckyballs?

By Aramco ExPats / 18 July 2018

Conversations with friends can be infinitely varied—filled with tangential remarks, thoughtful asides, and random non-sequiturs and often producing surprising results. Starting from Point A over here, they’ve been known to jump quickly to Point B over there, and thence move on...

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  • Register, Register, Register for Aramco Hafla 2018

    Register, Register, Register for Aramco Hafla 2018

    By Aramco ExPats / 18 July 2018

    If your name is not on the OFFICIAL HAFLA PARTICIPANTS list by August 1, we will miss you at the Hafla. That would be so sad! On 8/2/18 the Hyatt will receive our list of registered attendees. The Hyatt discounted rate vanishes if you're not registered for the Hafla. Both are required.

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  • Journey to Asir

    Journey to Asir

    By The Arabian Sun / 18 July 2018

    In the Kingdom’s Southwest, there exists a province unlike any other. With high, rolling hills that seem to stretch forever toward a cloudy horizon, the landscape, the people, the heritage, and the weather are a special blend that provide a welcome surprise for visitors.

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