Petra: A Wonder to Behold

By Aramco ExPats / 17 October 2018

Over the years, legions of ExPats living in the Kingdom and working for Aramco have taken advantage of their close proximity to the famous historical sites of the Middle East to explore their wonders in person. AramcoExPats publisher Vicci Turner was one of them. During her 25 years in Saudi...

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  • Annuitants Applauded for Service at ‘Heart-of-Texas’ Reunion

    Annuitants Applauded for Service at ‘Heart-of-Texas’ Reunion

    By The Arabian Sun / 17 October 2018

    Austin — A Saudi Aramco Annuitants Reunion with a “heart-of-Texas” flavor recently unrolled near Austin, Texas. The reunion featured unique activities such as trapshooting and longhorn steer riding, plus a trio of banquets — including a gala hosted by Aramco Services Company (ASC) as a “thank you” for the participants’ combined centuries of work at the enterprise — as well as another event dubbed the Chuck Wagon Buffet.

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  • Driving Riyadh

    Driving Riyadh

    By Tim Barger / 17 October 2018

    In the mid-1970s if there had been an institution of higher learning such as Harvard, Oxford or the Sorbonne that hosted an advanced degree in Automotive Survival there is little doubt that doctorates would have required not only a learned thesis, but also a 90-day residency in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – a hands-on tutorial in a turbulent driving environment that was part pinball machine, part bumper cars, and always a game of cat and mouse.

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