The Seven Wonders of Arabia, Part V: Al-Ahsa—The Grandest Oasis of All

By Aramco ExPats / 13 March 2019

In the minds of people the world over, the most romantic, most exotic element associated with the deserts of Arabia are its oases. Images of palm trees swaying in the sultry breeze...

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  • Nearly 600 Attending 2019 KSA Expat Reunion

    Nearly 600 Attending 2019 KSA Expat Reunion

    By The Arabian Sun / 13 March 2019

    Over the next week, you may see many excited new faces on the streets throughout the Saudi Aramco residential communities. However, these folks are not newcomers; most have actually had a long connection to the company and the Kingdom.

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  • The Burgundy Bonneville

    The Burgundy Bonneville

    By Tim Barger / 13 March 2019

    After I graduated from college, I worked in film and TV for six years before I returned to Arabia in January of 1974 to start up the television department at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. I was one of the first 20 American employees, and the hospital was still being built when I arrived.

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