Today We Celebrate Aramco ExPats' 15th Anniversary

By Aramco ExPats / 25 May 2017

In 2002, facing imminent repatriation back to the U.S. and wondering how, after so many years, I could stay connected to everything and everyone I had grown to love during my time in Arabia with Saudi Aramco, I formed the notion of creating a website...

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  • Fasting Days, Festive Nights

    Fasting Days, Festive Nights

    By AramcoWorld / 25 May 2017

    It's three o'clock in the afternoon and a cacophony of car horns, bus engines and shouting people is making an unusually unbearable din in what is, on the best of days, a noisy city. This is not rush hour, nor a construction bottleneck. This is Ramadan. Nearly everyone in this metropolis of 16 million people is trying to get home by exactly 4:55, in time to break the day's fast with family and friends.

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  • Arabian Return Chapter XIII:  Amine Plant and Compressor Station 961

    Arabian Return Chapter XIII: Amine Plant and Compressor Station 961

    By Colleen Wilson / 23 May 2017

    On Sunday, February 1st, I bussed to Al-Khobar to meet Pat Smyth and her sister, Phyllis, who was living in Arabia as well now, with her husband, Roy Boyd. We had known Roy in the early 50's in Ras Tanura, when he was married to Ilene, who later died. We had also known Pat's sister after several trips to Phoenix, Arizona, over the years to visit Pat and Guy.

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