Nepal Discovery Tour

29 April 2022

We will offer a tour to Nepal for Aramco employees during the 2022 Ramadan holidays. During the nine days we will spend in Nepal, we will visit the best sites in this amazing country. During the four days in Kathmandu Valley, we will visit Pashupatinath, the most sacred Hindu temple in Nepal and the Boudhanath, possibly the world’s largest Buddhist stupa. Bhaktapur City with its cobbled streets and ancient architecture will transport us back to the medieval times of the past.

The Existential Traveller: 21-day Classic Tour of Central Asia

1 May 2022

We begin our adventure in the Lost Cities of the Silk Road in Kazakhstan, a country that reaches from Siberia to the Tian Shan Mountains and from China to the Caspian Sea. This area is more than twice the size of the four other Central Asian Republics combined, or about the size of Europe, but with one of the world's lowest population densities. 

The Existential Traveller - Treasures of Turkey

1 June 2022

Join us on our extraordinary hosted journey through Turkey, a fascinating country steeped in culture and history. Explore the natural beauty of diverse landscapes, from mountains to sea, including our private gullet cruise.

The Existential Traveller - Magical Morocco

3 June 2022

Few countries offer the stark contrasts in nature, cultures and beauty of Morocco. From the majestic Atlantic Ocean to the ethereal mystery of the Sahara to the incomparable Mediterranean Sea, Morocco has it all. Fertile plains adjoin the beauty of the empty Sahara.

Kenya Safari – The Great Migration

8 July 2022

The Great Migration in Kenya is a spectacle found nowhere else in the world. 1.5 million Wildebeest with an additional 500,000 zebras follow a circuit on East Africa’s grassland plains, following the rain and ripening grasses. Africa’s predators, lion, leopard, and hyena are never far from this menagerie.