Amir Hamad ibn Sa'id al-Jubayr

Deceased: 28 November 1971

Under: Obituary

Amir Hamad ibn Sa'id al-Jubayr, who retired in 1970 after serving nearly 30 years as Amir of Abqaiq, died in Dhahran Health Center on Nov. 28.

Amir Hamad was assigned to Abqaiq in the 1940's with the establishment of the oil field camp. He played an important role in the development of the community, particularly the founding and expansion of Madinat Abqaiq and the development of local municipal services.

Members of the Aramco management will remember him for his always dependable assistance in easing the early growth pains of the community and for his continued cooperation and counsel throughout the years.

Many American employees and their families will also remember Amir Hamad for providing them with their first taste of official Arab hospitality. In addition to playing host at traditional social affairs such as 'Id breakfasts, which each year brought a dozen Aramco executives back to Abqaiq long after their transfer from the Friendly City, Amir Hamad established an Abqaiq tradition of Amirate Open House night. All Abqaiq residents, including ladies and children, were welcome at these annual informal events, and all could be assured of a personal welcome by the Amir himself.

One of the late Amir Hamad's sons, 'Abd Allah ibn Hamad al-Jubayr is a company employee assigned to the Terminal Oil Handling Division, Ras Tanura. Listen F. Hills, chairman and chief executive officer sent the following message of condolence to the family:

"I was deeply saddened by the death of Amir Hamad, in whom we lost a dear friend that we had known for long. His many friends in the Kingdom and abroad, and especially Messrs. Jungers, Fate, McDonald, Abbott, Goddard, Kerin, Lafrenz, Barger, Arnot, Sullivan, and Larsen, join me in extending our deepest sympathies." [Photograph]

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