Douglass Hamilton Warner

Deceased: 9 March 1972

Under: Obituary

Douglass Hamilton Warner of Dhahran died unexpectedly at his home last Thursday, March 9. He was 47 years old. Memorial services were held in Dhahran on Monday morning and burial will be in the States.

Mr. Warner, who received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia, came to Aramco with a background of 16 years' experience with Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) subsidiaries. His career with Esso Standard Eastern and Humble Oil and Refining Company comprised both domestic and foreign assignments and followed service with the U. S. Navy during World War II.

In 1963 he transferred to Aramco's Process Engineering staff at Ras Tanura and worked with the engineering organization in the Terminal city for the ensuing five years. In June 1968 he was transferred to the Dhahran area of operations and became a member of the Oil Supply Planning and Scheduling Department.

Mr. Warner's survivors include his wife, Louise, young son David, 2 1/2, and stepdaughter, Linda Badgley. Mr. Warner also had three older children, Douglass Jr., Sue, and Michael.

Mrs. Warner's immediate contact address is c/o Mrs. Richard Dole, 922 E. Dunham, Philadelphia, Pa., 19150. [Photograph]

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