Drexel E. McClure

Deceased: 26 March 1977

Under: Obituary

Word has been received that Drexel E. McClure of AOC-Croydon died in England on March 26.

Mr. McClure was a member of the Aramco Exploration Department in Dhahran from 1972 until 1976, at which time he was assigned to the Croydon office. He was a specialist in electronic data processing for geological and geophysical applications.

Mr. McClure received his degree in geology from the University of Southern California in 1956 and was a registered geologist in the State of California. Prior to joining Aramco, he worked as a geologist for Texaco in Venezuela and for the Oasis Oil Company in Libya.

During his years in Saudi Arabia, Mr. McClure was active in the Arabian Philatelic Association and in the Boy Scouts.

He is survived by his widow, Helen, and children, Drexel D., 15, and Michelle, 11. Mrs. McClure may be contacted c/o R. T. Goodfellow, Canterbury House, Sydenham Road, Croydon, Surrey, England.

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