Edward Eboch

Deceased: 12 July 2016

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Edward Eboch

Edward Eboch died July 12, 2016, at his home in Chandler, AZ, at the age or 77. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer Thanksgiving weekend 2015.

Ed worked as an economist for Aramco 1974-80 and 1992-99, when he retired. He enjoyed playing golf, tennis, and duplicate bridge as well as the travel opportunities working at Aramco provided. His career in the U.S. included teaching at several colleges, Deputy Commissioner of Commerce and Economic Development for the State of Alaska, and international pricing expert for the IRS.

He is also survived by his son Douglas, of Studio City, CA, a screenwriter (Sweet Home Alabama) and college instructor, daughter Chris, of Socorro, NM, who writes children’s books as Chris Eboch and adult romantic adventures as Kris Bock, and son-in-law Phil Miller, NM state geologist. Doug and Chris attended elementary school in Dhahran.

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