Ervin J. Baskins

Deceased: 24 November 1945

Under: Obituary

We deeply express... Our sincere sympathy to the relatives and friends of Ervin J. Baskins, Bapco employee who passed away at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia on Nov. 24, 1945, after a few days illness.

 Ervin came over from Bahrain on loan from Bapco about 1 week ago to assist on some special work. With him were Ray Moyer, Doc Teague, Harold Lynch and Eddie May all of whom worked with Ervin for many years in the El Segundo Refinery. And among the Aramco men who had worked with him were Jerry Kennedy, Fred Russell, George Mandis, Jack Loe, and Paul Mandaville.

These men wish to express their personal sympathy to Ervin's wife in Inglewood, Cal.

Arabian Sun 1945

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